Unlike any other POS System, the RPOWER QuickBooks Interface operates with no human intervention. When RPOWER closes the day, it sends accounting data to a location accessible to the computer with QuickBooks installed and posts your daily sales information directly into your QuickBooks company database. RPOWER interfaces with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Software versions.

Do-It-Yourself Payroll

Upon completion of the Pay Period Time Clock report, RPOWER will automatically send time clock and tip records to the QuickBooks Do-It-Yourself Payroll. RPOWER is unique in its ability to export tip data into QuickBooks for use in box 7 of the employee�s W2. RPOWER also sends new and updated employee demographics to QuickBooks daily.

Customer Billing

RPOWER maintains the master list of QuickBooks charge accounts and their members. New and updated accounts are imported into the QuickBooks Customer List daily. Each member charge posts as a separate QuickBooks invoice that is tied back to the RPOWER guest check. Current balance information is sent back to RPOWER for viewing at the restaurant level. Customer account payments can be made through QuickBooks or your RPOWER System.

Multi-Location Posting

For multi-site chains utilizing QuickBooks, RPOWER can import store data to unique QuickBooks company files for each location or it can post each store�s data to a singular consolidated company file. Talk with your local RPOWER Dealership about the time-saving opportunities RPOWER can provide your company with today.

Accounting Software Interfacing

A variety of software accounting packages are available to businesses. RPOWER has created custom extracts with several: ACCPAC, Microsoft Great Plains, MAS 90 and QuickBooks. Other accounting integrations are also available.

Hotel/PMS Interfaces

RPOWER provides an interface for establishments located within hotels, resorts and clubs for posting billing to rooms and folio accounts. The RPOWER Hotel/PMS Interface is available for several Property Management systems including: Micros/Fidelio, Encore, Lodging Link, System 21, AutoClerk and others.

External Product Tracking

RPOWER interfaces to a variety of product tracking software systems including: ChefTec, Scannabar, FreePour, Food Trak and many more. Automatically extract and post all POS sales information into specific file formats for any of the integrated systems.

Loyalty and Gift Cards

The RPOWER Loyalty and Gift Card programs associate an electronic ID with an account stored in a central database and accessed over the Internet. A VIP/Discount Program associates an automatic, pre-selected discount on specified items for program members. A restaurant may sell or give the cards to selected patrons. RPOWER tracks how these discounts are used for each VIP/Discount Card Member.

Full-Service, Competitive Credit Card Processing

RPOWER partners with Mercury Payment Systems to provide powerful integrated payment processing for all of your credit card transactions. RPOWER provides free 24/7 live customer support, multi-store reconciliation, e-commerce solutions, online transaction reporting, stand-in authorization during network outage, PCI compliance and more.

Time Clock Management

RPOWER keeps you in control of your employees with a fully integrated Time Clock Module. The built-in tip tracking and labor reporting gives you the tools you need to manage your labor. Easily calculate overtime and run time clock reports for payroll analysis.


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