With single or scheduled recurring ACH check payments, you can go paperless and improve efficiency. These programs do not require any software or a terminal, and we also offer free and detailed online reporting to keep track of all payments and checks. This program is web-based and allows you to view transaction history, reconcile billing, gain fast access to batch details and much, much more. We also allow these reports to be exported in a variety of formats that are popular with businesses.

Program Options Include:

Single Debits: We can process a one-time debit from a customer’s checking account.

Recurring Debits: We can schedule payments of the same amount to occur on a regular basis, which process automatically.

B2B Debits: We can debit business checking

In addition, we utilize a verification process to cross-check potential customers against a national negative database of bad check writers. This is possible for single and B2B debit processes. With our guaranteed funding programs, we can eliminate the risk of accepting bad checks. During any transaction, the check writer’s checking account and ID are verified against this database, and we will reimburse all NSF checks.

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