The world-class loyalty solution that keeps your customers coming back.

Build longer�lasting, more profitable customer relationships with dynamic loyalty engagement across sales channels. We help you to provide a seamless customer loyalty experience in every retail channel. We help you to start growing your customer base today with easy signup, build customer relationships with personalized engagement across all touchpoints, and optimize loyalty through quick insight and deep understanding of your customers and programs.

Incredible Loyalty Building Features:

Attract, engage, and understand your customers to truly maximize customer lifetime value.


Easy Customer Signup

Add new customers and members with flexible sign up options across channels and devices. Customers can join lists and groups from your POS, website, social media pages, mobile devices, mobile apps, and more.


Instant Customer Engagement

Engage customers with automated welcome emails, text messages, mobile push notifications, promotions, real-time offers, and coupons! Offer customers instant point, currency, and frequent-buyer accruals.


Social Campaign Conversions

Covert your daily deal customers into loyal, registered members and repeat customers. Offer Refer-a-Friend rewards, and provide simple customer registration with Facebook and Twitter IDs.


Tailored Loyalty Programs

Get started with out-of-the-box loyalty programs and best practices with our flexible loyalty rules engine. Tailor your programs with dynamic engagement tools that create new opportunities to connect with your customers.


Targeted Customer Benefits

Target your programs to specific member lists, groups, and tiers and award benefits by products or category. Reach customers with automated rewards, such as coupons, pre-paid cards, points, or loyalty currency.


Cross Channel Campaigns

Reach more customers with cross channel campaigns, such as email, text messaging, mobile push notifications, and POS alerts. Target your promotions and programs per store, per channel or globally.


Automated Customer Touchpoints

Schedule engagement with members based on purchases, birthdays, program levels, frequent buyers, and other interactions. Personalized promotions and offers based on customer behavior, visits, and referrals!


Actionable Insight

Gain valuable insight into your campaigns, programs, and members with dashboards, KPIs, and integrated results scoring. Includes over 70 standard reports, plus customized reporting for in-depth analysis.


360 Degree Customer View

See all of your customer interactions in one place, regardless of where they buy. See your customer profiles online and in-store, including all sales transactions, orders, preferences, and engagements.

Those Are Just A Few Key Features, There Are Plenty More

Easy Installation & Setup

Branded My Mobile Loyalty App

Customer Merge Tool

Auto-Resolve Customer Duplicates

Flexible % or $ off on Products/Orders

Traditional �On-Sale

Mix-N-Match, BOGO, Frequent Buyer

Cost-Plus Pricing Supported

Mobile Loyalty Cards

Pre-Paid Loyalty Cards

Physical Loyalty Cards

Gift & eGift Cards

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