ACH Debit

With single or scheduled recurring ACH check payments, you can go paperless and improve efficiency. These programs do not require any software or a terminal, and we also offer free and detailed online reporting to keep track of all payments and checks. This program is web-based and allows you to view transaction history, reconcile billing, gain fast access to batch details and much, much more. We also allow these reports to be exported in a variety of formats that are popular with businesses.


CrossCheck�s Auto Industry RDC Solution (also known as�C.A.R.S.) is a powerful tool to help dealerships with fast, easy and efficient check processing. Complete with a future deposit function, COD for the parts and service department and desktop conversion to save time and money by skipping the bank,�C.A.R.S.�is a revolutionary tool for any car dealership. Online reporting allows for constant oversight, and authorized checks are automatically processed and deposited directly into the dealership�s account.

Electronic Check Processing

With Electronic Check Processing programs, you can both automate check authorizations and streamline deposits for your business. This helps to eliminate trips to the bank, which can save you both time and money. All authorized checks are electronic processed, and after upload, funds are deposited into the merchant�s account. Remove Deposit Capture, back-office conversion, check processing, auto industry-specific program, recovery service and guarantee features are all available.

Premium Check Services

The Premium Check Services offered by Safe Card Processing (SCP) will allow you to spend more time focusing on your business than on payroll, payments and authentication. From business office conversions to premium approval and from stop payment options to multiple check strategies, we can help you find the perfect premium check offering for your business.

Check 21

With our Check 21 program, you can accept and process any kind of check with limited restrictions. This program is sometimes referred to as Remote Deposit Capture because an image of the check is captured and used in place of the original document, which offers faster funding on a wider variety of checks with fewer restrictions than ACH.

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