Safe Card Processing (SCP)�offers a variety of pre-paid card solutions to offer your customers a convenient way to pay. These programs can reduce costs from check and cash payments, and can also drive consumer behavior by incentivizing employees to build strong and lasting customer relationships.

We Offer:

Open-loop: Network branded (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express)

Closed-loop: Company specific (i.e. Starbucks, iTunes, Outback, etc.)

Business Benefits for Pre-Paid Cards Include:

Expedited payments with real-time card loads

Improved brand recognition and loyalty

Reduced administrative burden on managing paper refunds

Eased reconciliation process

Improved employee productivity

Major savings for your business, in both time and money

Customer Benefits Include:

Ability to receive immediate payments

Improved security compared to cash

Access to funds wherever MasterCard or Visa is accepted

A key motivator for rewards and incentives

Get Your Money Back

5 to 8% of all funds loaded onto prepaid cards are traditionally not used. These unspent funds will be returned back to your business, so you�ll be able to get your money back.

Key Features for the Program Include:

Standard or Custom Card Designs

MasterCard Branded Cards are Accepted Nationwide

Signature and/or PIN Security Capabilities

Online Purchase Capabilities

ATM Access Options

5/3 DDA Fund Holdings for Security

The Program Controls Include:

Program Management Interface (PMI)

Reloadable and One-Time Load Programs

Single or Batch Activation

Instant Card Insurance

Real-Time Value Loads

Flexible Card Expiration (IRRD)

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