Multiple Check Premium

With our�Multiple Check�feature, you can allow customers to write between two and four checks for a single purchases. Each check is deposited over a period of time (up to thirty days), and are guaranteed up to the total maximum approval amount. Some merchants refer to this feature as a �Hold Check.

Stop Payment Premium

If you need protection against Stop Payment returns, you need our�Stop Payment Premium Plan.�We�ve found that stop payment checks are usually the most difficult to collect on, so get the coverage you need with this premium in place.

COD Premium

Our�COD Premium�plan is perfect for businesses who collect payment via phone orders or deliveries. This program allows you to authorize the check before you even send out the order, and payment is already�guaranteed. Enjoy the protection of guaranteed payment, and give your customers the convenient of option of paying by check.

Business Office Conversion

We�ve enhanced our Check Conversion Plus service to enable conversion of checks mailed in for payment in addition to those received at the point of sale.

Premium Approval

If you can�t afford to turn down any check sale, our Premium Approval program is perfect for your business. We can guarantee fifty percent fewer declines than your previous service provider, or we�ll pay the $200 set-up fee for you to return to your previous provider.

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